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Pictures That Give is a fiscally sponsored project of The Children Are Our Future, a 501(c)3 located in Capitola, California.

OUR MISSION: To use the art of photography to empower, advocate, and increase funding for individuals or groups through partnerships with non-profits or social service agencies.

ABOUT US: Pictures That Give is a camera sharing program that uses photography to help those in need. I started Pictures That Give in conjunction with another small non-profit called the Wat Leu Village Children's Fund. With the help of a friend, I taught basic photography to a group of children in Cambodia, arranged an exhibit with their photographs to raise funds, then returned a year later with 50 pairs of shoes for all the children in that village. 

The program was so successful - and so rewarding - that I decided to bring it closer to home. 

CONTACT ME: If  you know of a group or organization that might benefit from this type or program, I'd love to hear from you. Email me or use the contact form at the top of the page. 

UPDATE:  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated, especially Robert Orrizzi and Grey Bears Santa Cruz.  Enough cameras have rolled in for me to keep up my work. I am, however, in need of SD cards. Please consider donating with the "DONATE" link. Funds are also used for printing and displaying work from camera-share projects. 

As some of you know, my husband and I were victims of the Santa Cruz CZU fire last year. We lost our home and everything in it, including all the cameras that many of you donated. I will be collaborating once again with the Santa Cruz Downtown Streets Team to bring a little artistic joy into their lives, but not until I have enough cameras to begin. $$ is great but donated cameras are even greater. Click the CONTACT form or email me at if you have a fully functioning, 10 year old or newer point and shoot to donate. Thanks to everyone for their continued support of my camera sharing program. It brings a lot of joy!

Current Projects


August 5, 2022 

London Nelson Community Center


Join us in support of 9 Downtown Streets Team Team members that have been working all year with their cameras. This is a fundraising event for the Team Members and all their work will be for sale. See the EXHIBIT link for more information. 

Gina and 7 of 9 participating Team Members

Reflecting on a Previous Project

We're Still Here: Stories of Seniors and Social Isolation

In late 2018, I begun a collaboration with the C3 group of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (MAH). Together, we tackled the topic of Senior Citizens living with isolation and loneliness. I personally worked with 7 incredible seniors who were brave enough to share their very private and personal struggles. My work involved a camera share,  a portrait session and LOTS of listening. From our in-person conversations about the photos they captured, I wove their stories together. These photo stories exhibited at the MAH from April 2019 through January 2020 alongside other collaborative works on loneliness. 

In light of the holiday season, I am sharing these photo stories in their entirety because this is the time when loneliness seems to hit the hardest. Some of these are not easy to read, but know that this exhibit sparked real community change as well as an increased perception towards a most vulnerable, yet oftentimes invisible, population.

Click the photo to continue to the stories. Remember:  the portraits are my own work, the photo journals the seniors, but the feelings belong to us all. Take only those with you, and  please feel free to share. 

Past Projects

February 2021 - August 2021

The Children's Healthy Weigh Collaborative

While Covid has been a challenge this past year for in-person photography, that did not stop me from getting creative with a camera share. This project was a collaboration with the California WIC Association, the California Department of Public Health and the California Breastfeeding Coalition and designed to create a database of photos depicting healthy eating practices from birth to one year. 

 I worked with 17 amazing new moms throughout California to collect, curate and edit photos of them feeding their children, including breastfeeding and pumping breast milk. I think it was incredibly brave of them to participate in this project!

The photos are now shared amongst the collaborating organizations for use on their websites, social media and marketing materials. 

*Photo of Rockstar Mama and her twins used with permission. 


March 3- April 3, 2020

Beyond the Portrait is currently working with the Santa Cruz Downtown Streets Team to help them enter the Tobacco's Impact in My Community Contest. 

All interested DST members bring their own ideas and I provide the camera. A quick photo lesson and help signing up and submitting their 3 best photos is part of my assistance, but the creativity and end result is entirely up to them.

Last year, DST participant Allison was a winner in this state-wide contest. With 4  spots up currently for grabs, I hope that a few go to our current participants. Check back mid-April for an update! 

Untitled photo

Creative Community Committee (C3) at the Santa Cruz MAH

I am excited to announce my new project with the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH). I have been selected to be one of a group of artists collaborating with the Creative Community Committee (C3) group on an exhibition that will bring awareness to senior citizens and their struggle with loneliness and isolation. 

I will be doing a camera share with select seniors to help show what a day in their life looks like, and also be capturing portraits of them. I have already met some incredible people since I've started this project and I'm looking forward to helping the seniors in our community with my work. 

The exhibit will debut in April 2019 so come back often for updates. You can read more about C3 and the MAH by clicking this link.

*Photo by participating senior, Tim Znamirowski

The Downtown Streets Team and the Santa Cruz County Tobacco Education Coalition

I am thrilled to once again be working with the Santa Cruz Downtown Streets team on a new project. DST has aligned their clean-up efforts with  The Santa Cruz County Tobacco Education Coalition to focus on ridding our beaches of toxic cigarette butts. DST participants will be involved, with my help, in photo-documenting their efforts to bring awareness to the community.

Our first clean-up effort was Sunday, August 26, at Cowell's beach and included a live community art installation made possible by Save Our Shores

Check out the gallery below for our pictures of the day. 

Cowell Beach Clean-up Event, August 26, 2018

"...the Light In Shadows project was one of the best, most organized, and most successful Team Member engaged community activities that I personally have ever been a part of in the 7+ years that I’ve been working at DST. You really did an amazing job and the Team Members are still talking about it." 

-Greg Pensinger, Project Manager, Santa Cruz Team

I recently completed a camera sharing program with members of the Downtown Streets Team in Santa Cruz, California, a group whose members who are all currently enduring varying degrees of homelessness. My goal with this project had many layers.Yes, we took pictures, we sold pictures, and raised money, BUT beyond the  portraits are human beings trying to shed the stigma of being homeless. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, scholars, artists, even photographers. They are something besides homeless and I am pleased to have been able to bring the community together during this event to share what is so special about this group of people. 

Please see the "Light in the Shadows" collection to take a look at photos available from this spectacular event. Everything is available for sale and I will continue to share proceeds with the participating artists. 

Untitled photo

Our fundraising exhibit featuring the photography of the Downtown Streets Team  took place on First Friday, July 6, 2018 at the Santa Cruz Food Lounge on Center Street in Downtown Santa Cruz and was a huge success. 

With the funds raised from the sale of photos each participant received a $75 gift of their choosing. 

Photos are still for sale so please check the gallery for what's available. 

*Special thanks to Bay Photo Lab for their support in our printing needs for this event.

How can you help?

DONATE: I am always looking for donations of used but working point-and-shoot digital cameras, along with batteries, chargers and SD cards. Small camera bags would also be welcomed.  Monetary donations are also appreciated and can be made securely using the "Donate" button. 

BUY: Items purchased from their respective galleries will go towards helping the participants of that gallery. 

Past Projects

You can select a gallery to read more about the project and who it supports, as well as browse photographs taken by participants. 

The purchase of any photo helps all people of its respective group. 

Cambodia 2017

Cambodia 2018

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