Light In The Shadows Collection - Beyond The Portrait

Welcome to the Light in the Shadows Collection. Size, price and quantity are noted on each picture available for purchase. Prices include tax. The following four (4) sizes/styles are available:

1. Note cards+envelope set: 4x6 photo mounted on a 5x7 note card in its own plastic sleeve. Makes the perfect gift. $7 each or 3 for $20. Can combine with other available styles.  

2. 5x7 photo in white mat board with backing. Fits an 8x10 frame. $25 each. 

3. 8 x 10  in an 16 x20 frame.  $45

4. 8x12 print on styrene with UV protectant coating. Ready to hang but can be framed.  $45

*Items are required to hang in the galley until the end of July

Thank you for your patience while I get the online ordering system completed. Please use the CONTACT link above if there is something you are interested in. 

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Teal - *8x10 framed $45

Teal and I meeting was a serendipitous event as it was both of our first times at the Thursday Team meeting. She LOVES photography and has been my most ardent participant. Landscapes and street signs are her thing so come back and see what she finds while roaming the streets of Santa Cruz.