About Me

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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm just a girl who loves to take pictures, and after 13+ years in a biotech lab I decided this is what I would rather do full-time.

I pretty much run around taking pictures of everything, but what I really love to do is capture special moments. This can be between families or friends, at birthday parties or political rallies, from the super-neat head-shots to the incredibly messy cake smash. In fact, if you ask me, I'll probably do it.

This is the "Photography by Gina Orlando" side of my work. The other side of me, the one that goes beyond the portrait, is my love of helping others and giving back. 

I do this through my fiscally-sponsored non-profit "Pictures that Give."  It has been an incredible journey since my first trip to Cambodia in 2016 and I am now on my third project in which I use photography as a means to help those less fortunate. Please visit that page to see what I'm doing, and for ways you can help support my mission. 

I hope we get the chance to work together! 

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